Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM):

    To reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor. The mission would aim at providing shelters equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner .In addition; the mission would also address livelihood concerns of the urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces, institutional credit, social security and skills to the urban street vendors for accessing emerging market opportunities.

Ranchi being the Capital of Jharkhand state accomplish around 15-20% in component of this mission. With the population of 1,120,374, according to 2011 census and after the declaration of new state the city witnessed a rapid influx of employment seeking migrants from all over the Jharkhand. The mission is a step to improvise and upgrade the economical status of  urban poor and bring them in the main stream of the society.  

The work executed under the Major component of the National Urban Livelihood mission Under National Urban Livelihood Mission

Employment Through Skill Training and Placement

·       In the Financial Year 2014-15 4810  beneficiaries had undergone the training under the EST&P Component at Ranchi ULB

·       In the financial Year 2015-16 5212 beneficiaries had undergone training. The assessment of all these beneficiaries is under process by external agency. Certificate will be issued to successful candidate after this assessment process. Placement process will be initiated after the certification by the external agency as the recruiter agencies prefer candidates with skills certificate in hand.

·        Ranchi Municipal Corporation have received the responsibility to monitor the 10400 candidates (17.3 % of total target of Jharkhand) who will undergo through Skill training in financial Year 2016-17 with 37 selected Skill training provider in which 33 are actually providing tanning to 8590 Beneficiaries (students).

·        At present there are 48 centres has been established in Ranchi in which 206 batches has started their training.



Social Mobilization and Institution Development

·       Ranchi Municipal corporation have been able to mobilize and nurture 412 SHGs in different slums of Ranchi. The Bank Account of all these 412 SHGs has been opened. 3 Area Level Federation (ALF) has already been formed. Out of these 412 Self help Groups 114 SHGs have received Revolving Fund for financially strengthen the potential of SHGs. More than 100 SHGs has already been graded for the purpose to distribute revolving fund and soon they will receive as they fulfil the required criteria.

Self Employment Programme

·       36 individual Loans of upto 2 lakhs each have been sanctioned in the Self Employment Programme in this financial year to the selected candidates under task force committee. The beneficiaries have capacitated their business skills under the different location of Ranchi.

·       123 SHGs have been linked with Bank under microfinance activity in which 18 have already been   disbursed fund of Rs one Lakhs each to initiate and improvise their business skills and ultimately reach the economic mainstream of the society.

Support to urban street vendors

·       Urban Development Department has selected M/s Samman Foundation for the survey of Urban Street Vendor under Ranchi Municipal Corporation. The survey work has already been completed and 5742 street vendors have been surveyed till date. Town vending committee has been formed except the elected member. 1st  list of Survey of Street Vendors has been uploaded on RMC website. 5735 vendors have been identified. 66 objections/corrections have been received till date. One permanent vending zone at JAI PAL SINGH Stadium has been identified and construction work has been started on 30.07.2016. Five temporary vending zones are also identified under Ranchi Municipal Corporation for the street vendors.

Scheme for Shelter for Urban Homeless

·       Scheme of shelter for urban homeless is a very important component of DAY-NULM. There are total 11 existing shelter homes under Ranchi Municipal Corporation. Tender for the existing 11 shelter home for refurbishment and two for new construction has been finalised and is under construction.

·       To provide the basic amenities like bed, fan, tube lights, water filter ect,  A rate contact was issued in public which is now available in these shelter home. Ranchi Municipal corporation has already distributed 20 blankets in each shelter home under the custodian of respective care taker.  Urban development and housing department has selected 8 NGOs for proper operation and maintenance of these shelter homes. These NGOs has deployed 3 care takers and 1 shelter manager for each shelter home.

·       Shelter home situated at Pahari Mandir and Doranda AG more is fully assigned for the women beneficiaries only. 

·       Ranchi Municipal corporation has received the following funds in different financial year.

In 2014- 15 – Rs. 1, 46, 09,156.78

In 2015- 16 – Rs.  1, 38, 62,348.29 

In 2016-17 – Rs.  NIL

The total expenditure till date is Rs.  7,85,91,075.81

·       8062 beneficiaries have already received skills training under DAY National Urban Livelihood mission and 8630 beneficiaries are under the skills training in the current financial year. More than 500 hundred candidates have already been employed in different skill sector. After the external agency certification of these candidates the Skills training providers will invite recruiters for hiring the interested candidate to undergo selection process for jobs in different relevant skill sector.

·       From this current year the Urban department and housing department has made mandatory to keep a track record after one year of placement.

·       412 Self-help Groups have already opened their account in bank.

·       114 Self Help groups have already received Revolving funds of 10thousand each and more than 100 groups are under process to receive these amount  after fulfilling the criteria.

·       123 Self help Groups have been linked with bank under the Microfinance Activities in which 18 has already received a loan of Rs one lakhs each from different bank. Remaining SHGs are under process to receive the Loan under Microfinance by banks.

·       36 beneficiaries have already received Individual Loan of upto 2 lakhs each after passing the Task Force Committee. More than 50 forms are under the process of scrutiny which will be produced to the Committee soon.

·       5742 street vendor survey has already been completed. 

·       11 shelter homes are under the process of refurbishment and several basic amenity services have been upgraded in each shelter home.

·       Creating and providing job opportunity to the beneficiaries who are undergoing the skill training by the Skills training providers who has been selected by the Urban Development and Housing Department to implement training for Urban economically downtrodden youth of Ranchi Urban Area.

·       Providing Loan to remaining Self help Groups under Micro financial activity by different bank to streamline their business skills to compete in market.

·       Providing Revolving Funds to the remaining Self Help Groups who fulfil the required desired norms.

·       Upgrade all the required basic amenities in the entire existing 11 shelter home under Ranchi Municipal area to sustain the urban poor who are deprived of shelter.

·       Urban Development and housing department has selected and NGO M/S Samman foundation to conduct Street vendor survey. The same organization is making the Detail Project Report (DPR) for 10 Vending Zone in Ranchi Municipal Area.


·       After the settlement all the quires, a vendors list will be submitted to the government for its final approval. Then the election for the Town vending Committee will be initiated which ultimately leads to formation of Formal recognised TVC.